Friday, July 4, 2008


We all went downtown for the 4th of July parade today. We had all our "necessities" to keep Brooklyn cool:
1.) Her umbrella for the stroller (since her sunshade is STILL on back order)
2.) Her small personal fan from Brookstone (thanks again Leckrones!)
3.) Her Neck Buddy by Body Cool Some friends of ours had their puppies there - those really ugly dogs that are SO ugly that they are kind of cute?? Anyway, this little one loved Brooklyn's fan blowing on her! AND NO we did not buy one of the puppies!
The parade was pretty fun, it got a little hot for Brooklyn but she liked the marching band and the fire trucks! She is so social...she was happy to see everyone in town!


Avery said...

Looks like fun! Happy 4th of July!

Rebecca said...

What fun! Our Maclaren went to the 4th of July parade too!! We were so happy to have the seat cover! Caitlyn choked on her cookies and spit up a bunch, and we were able to pull the seat cover off and she had a dry place to sit!!! grr..I wish the kid would chew better!

Megan C said...

I'm kinda sad I didn't see you at the parade! I heard you were there though. I hope you had a GREAT time.. and that dog is not even a little bit cute...but I'm sure brooklyn loved her! Happy 4th of July!!

Sam and Finn said...

Happy 4th of July Brooklyn! I bet that little puppy wanted to ride home with you!