Sunday, July 27, 2008

Beautiful Sunday Morning!

After breakfast this morning we spent sometime outside before it gets too hot. There is nothing like sitting outside in your pj's with the wind blowing through your hair! I remember a time the doctors were afraid she would lose the ability to sit up on her own; I look at pictures like these and just smile!

I hope you ALL are having a wonderful weekend. I know we are, despite a little fever that we can't seem to shake, Brooklyn is all smiles this morning and I am loving every minute of it!


Gigi said...

It looks like a beautiful day there. We may earlier springs,but at least you don't have fire ants. Sitting on the ground is something we just don't do. I'm sorry I missed being with all y'all. Believe me, I would have much rather have been driving than spending several days in the potty. Hope you can come to visit us soon. Love to Brookie,Grammy and all
Avery's Gigi

Avery said...

I think gigi meant to say We may HAVE earlier springs.

I love the last picture---she looks like she is plotting something :)

Hope her fever is better today. I know the last thing you need is her to be sick this week too!

Grammy said...

Brookie Beanie, Grammy knows you love to have the wind blowing in your have since you were just a tiny baby.


Susy said...

Looks like you & Harley are having a great time!

Sam and Finn said...

What great pictures! You look like you were having so much fun!

Kelly said...

Beautiful day, beautiful girl!

abbysworld said...

She looks so happy. You are gonna have to teach me how to get pictures put in between text. I have tried to figure it out but to no avail I'm afraid
Abby loves the Princess jammies too. She just hit the screen and giggled and shook her butt!