Monday, June 2, 2008

Wheelchair Update

I am SO SORRY that I have not updated you on the wheelchair fiasco. (Thanks for the reminder Racheal!)
The latest is that National Seating can not be used at "in network" cost because they found an "in network" provider at the national level that would take care of the order for us. Our options were to a.) continue with National Seating (who we have been working with since Jan. 24th) and pay out of network cost of $1500 or b.) go with their new suggested provider and start the entire process over (I am guessing the whole 14 - 16 week process) but there would be no out of pocket cost to us.
We decided on option c.) no wheelchair right now. The preschool does not need the wheelchair after all; they are fine with using the McClaren special needs stroller to get her where she needs to go and they do not need the wheelchair to use as her seat because they have a wonderful Rifton seat for her.
All the tears, screaming, lack of sleep, and LONG phone calls are behind us on this topic for now as she will be in the same preschool the next two years. YEAH!!


Avery said...

kelly, I know it is a relief to table that topic for awhile. She might even be able to use it in K too. Never know!

while Im thinking about it, do brooklyn's feet ever hang off her jogging stroller? We are going to have to get a new stroller because avery cant keep her feet on the rest and they are rubbing on the tire!

Sam and Finn said...

UH! How frustrating it must be for you guys! We are so glad you won't have to deal with all that for a while.

georgiamom said...

What a relief!