Thursday, June 5, 2008

Scott Parsons and Mikyla

I came across an amazing story today in my google alerts that I receive regarding Rett Syndrome. Scott is a cyclist that became friends with Robert Smith (Robert's daughter Mikyla has Rett Syndrome.)

Scott was so inspired by this family and their sweet little girl that is his putting his life on hold and he is getting ready to cycle across the country raising money and awareness for Rett Syndrome.
PLEASE check out this website for the complete story. His "map" of the trip is also posted, if you are near one of his stops I have a feeling this is a guy you would want to meet. I really wish Indiana was on the route! Good luck Scott!!
They have a page set up for donations as well for those who want to support Rett Syndrome research. Thank you for your inspirational story and for caring so much for all our girls and working towards a cure. To all of you reading this.....spread the word about Scott!


Avery said...

that is an awesome story, thanks for sharing!

tyandrachealbenner said...

It's so amazing that there are people out there like Scott. What a story!

Does that blue line run through Detroit? I can't figure out how to save the picture to anything to zoom into it on Tyler's computer.

Hope your last day of school was fantastic little miss! Have fun on vacation and we will hopefully see you when you get home. I know Ashland is looking forward to playing with you!

Enjoy vacation Charlie and Kelly! You guys deserve it!

The Benners

Rebecca said...

Thanks for posting this! I emailed them and they are going to be in Seattle around July 1!! Too bad it isn't August 1 since that's when our little conference is. Anyway, we are going to try and meet him.
Have a great time on your vacation!

Robert Smith said...

Thank you for posting our story to your web site! We're all in this together and anything we can do to raise awareness and funds towards research will benefit all of our beautiful girls!

Scott is a special person for doing what he is going, a friend like this doesn't come along often in life.

Please feel free to check our site often as Scott will be posting "ride updates" throughout his ride. We are also going to have more press and TV coverage.

Stay Tuned!
Robert, Annie & Mikyla Smith
Cure Rett!

Jessica said...

SO impressive!! WOW. I will spread the word..