Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!

I know if Brooklyn could speak to you she would tell you that she loves you more than anything! She loves when you tickle her and throw her up in the air. She loves when you dance with her and sing along with the Wiggles (even though I am sure you are SO sick of them!) She loves it when you take her along on your jogs and swing her on the swing set (that you built for her.) She loves it when you read to her and kiss her good night.
I hate that Rett Syndrome has taken away her voice, the voice that would tell you every chance she could that she loves you so much. I hope you know just by that look in her eyes and the huge smile she gives you that you are one VERY LOVED daddy today and everyday.

I know I posted this picture while we were on vacation but I love it and thought it would be a perfect Father's Day picture. That sweet little face looking up at Charlie is exactly the "love look" that I am talking about! Happy Father's Day Charlie, thank you for loving Brooklyn and me SO MUCH!


Avery said...

**sniffle, sniffle**
That was so incredibly sweet! (i think it even gave Thad a lump in his throat!)

Happy dad's day, Charlie

Sam and Finn said...

What a touching post. Charlie, we have seen you in action and you are an amazing Father! We hope you had a great day. You deserve it!

Jessica said...

Brooklyn can most definitely communicate her love! SO.. SOOOOO sweet!!