Thursday, June 26, 2008

Extended School Year

I know that among special needs moms there is much debate over extended school year services. I think it is sad that Brooklyn only gets 1 thirty minute session once a month over the summer. It is a huge let down after coming from the early intervention program where she was getting an hour a week. The only good thing is that we work with an amazing PT as well as an amazing OT through the school. We also will begin PT through private services at our local hospital within the next couple of weeks. The video above is Brooklyn working on her balance as Renee shifts her weight under Brooklyn's bottom. She did a great job. Renee also showed us some additional stretches to continue with Brooklyn.


Avery said...

good job, brookie!

Rebecca said...

I'm glad she is having fun. I just thought I'd tell you that you get more than we did our first summer! We didn't get a thing last year! Our district required us to go that first summer to show that there was indeed a loss of skills that couldn't be recovered within the first 8 weeks of the year. There is always hope for next year! We shall see if it is even worth it!