Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Yippee!! Woohoo!! :)

Guess where I will be on my 32nd birthday?
The Wiggles are coming to Fort Wayne, IN on Wednesday August 6th. (I know Wiggles tickets are not on the list of most grown women.) The funny thing is that watching the smile on Brooklyn's face will be the best gift anyone could give me!
We saw them live in concert twice last summer and we all had a blast! I can't wait!!


Avery said...

they arent coming any where near here! Im jealous!

Avery said...

just kidding, I looked and they will be in mobile,Al on July 29! I will be ordering tickets! Cole still loves the Wiggles!

Grammy said...

I can't believe the concert is "Pop, Go the Wiggles", Brooklyn loves that one. By then we will have ALL the words memorized!


Sam and Finn said...

You must have one cool Mommy!!!!

Alisa said...

Oh we love the wiggles also. We saw them last August & maybe I'll check to see if they are coming. We were just as excited too to see them so don't feel bad.. ha!!!
A & A

shannon said...

I remember when we were cool...oh, how those days have gone. Toot toot chugga chugga!