Sunday, May 4, 2008

Saturday in Michigan

After attending dad's award ceremony we headed up to Portage Michigan to see some friends of ours;the Dennis': Brad, Melissa, Layton, & Luke. We had SO MUCH FUN and realized how much we miss them! took him awhile but after he warmed up to us I finally got this ADORABLE photo!
Luke is the most squeezable little guy EVER! Look at those big baby blues!
We miss you all already! Seriously, we do not live that far away from each other ~ we need to visit more often!


Rebecca said...

cute pictures! Kelly, I'm going to bring the lateral supports for the stroller with me to Chicago for you guys. Caitlyn just seems a little cramped with them, and figured Brooklyn could get more use out of them! Less than 3 weeks to go!

Anonymous said...

we really had a great time too. boy, brooklyn, you sure are a huge sweetie. we saw a wiggles dvd at walmart yesterday and layton said that brooklyn would want that. we hope to make these visits more frequent. we will definitely be there in june for your benefit.

love you,
the dennis'