Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Quick Update

Brooklyn is home from preschool again. She ended up with an ear infection and we want to make sure she has been on her antibiotics long enough not to spread any illness around to the other kiddos at school.
The bad thing is her weight has dropped again. She is back down to 23.4 lbs. Bummer. We struggle so much with keeping weight on her! I hope Dr. Motil does not read this blog :) we were supposed to be at 26 lbs in April...oops.
Also, Aunt Kristin was at the doctors office while we were there too - we hope you feel better too!!


georgiamom said...

Poor Brooklyn!! I hope she feels better soon, ear infections are no fun! And I hope her weight drop was just because she was sick and it'll bump up there quickly again.

The Lashers said...

I've got some extra weight I'll be looking to get rid of pretty soon. Maybe Brooklynn would be interesteed?