Monday, May 12, 2008


Brooklyn had a GREAT day at preschool!
The bad news is that my scanner is not working so all the pictures that Miss Gillie sent home with her today can't be posted.
Brooklyn's first day went great! There are four boys and one other girl in her class. Her teacher is a speech pathologist and there are also two other aides in the class. (Not to mention Grammy who stuck around today as well - her Master's in Special Education might come in handy as a classroom helper!)
Brooklyn's "job" today was to pick the story. "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star." Story time ended with everyone going into the bathroom - where there are "magic stars" that light up on the ceiling!
They talked about Mother's Day and how much their mother's loved them. Brooklyn painted a hand print flower, perfect for spring! We will be looking outside at all the spring flowers this week.
Her PT met her in the class and got her stander set for her and her adaptive preschool chair was there ready and waiting ~ we are off to a good start! AND tomorrow is her BIRTHDAY....even more fun!


Alisa said...

What a wonderful day and Happy Birthday Brook. Let us know how THREE is!!! We'll be looking forward to it come fall. Birthday hugs and kisses across the miles!!!!!
Andersen & Ava

Alisa said...

Oops... we distracted mommy and she meant to right "Brookie". You can tell she's back from vacation (not finishing complete thoughts, ha!!)
A & A

Alisa said...
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