Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More Conference Pictures.....

Mitch and Erin at the Tribute Dinner (notice Riley's picture on the name tag - all of us had these great buttons of our daughter on our name tags. It was great to see pictures of all the girls!) Erin and me at the Tribute dinner. It was a nice event, it gave us a chance to unwind and chat with some of the other families that were there. (Mitch - you can pay me to not post the video of you dancing!)
This is actually a purse. I had to take a picture of it. The family is from New Jersery (obviously) and you can see her daughter's picture in the upper corner of the license ~ pretty cool, huh?!


Avery said...

Riley is a perfect blend of her parents! Cutie-patootie!

georgiamom said...

Aww, I came on here specifically to see the video of Mitch! :)

It was so great meeting you in person and I hope we can get together again, not just at conferences!