Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day at the zoo!

To keep our minds off the "anniversary day" yesterday we went to the zoo! I took the day off work to spend time with my sweet baby girl.She liked watching the monkeys swinging all around, I just thought this profile picture was too sweet not to post!
Grammy and Pappy went with us. I think they had just as much fun as Brooklyn (maybe more!)
Brooklyn and I rode the merry- go - round too, I love to watch her smile as we passed Grammy and Pappy each time.
I wasn't going to put this in (but again, too cute) she actually slept the entire first hour we were there!
It was a great day! Afterwards we went to Olive Garden....her favorite!!

Well....tomorrow morning I am heading to Chicago for the Rett Syndrome Conference! If I have access to internet I promise to post, if not you will be hearing from me on Monday, I promise! Charlie is home with Brooklyn this weekend so for those of my family and friends in Angola, check in on him :)


Alisa said...

I hope you come back more empowered than you already are. You are such a good mom to Brooklyn and I know I've told you that before. Goodluck on this journey to Chicago and you'll be so excited to see her and Charlie when you get home! Be safe!

Sam and Finn said...

Good luck in Chicago! We know Brooklyn and her Dad will miss you lots!

Melyssa said...

I have been out of town and not on the web much lately. First of all, Happy BELATED Birthday to Brooklyn! It looks like you have been busy with school and other fun stuff like the zoo! We are always thinking of Brooklyn and of course her family too! You are all so hard working and positive . . . next year is going to be an even better one yet! Let's get together sometime soon. Enjoy Chicago, Kelly!

Jessica said...

Kelly, Best, BEST wishes on your trip to Chicago! Your dedication to Brooklyn is so admirable! I know it will be so wonderful for you to connect with the other moms there. I will be looking for updates!