Friday, April 4, 2008

Play Time

Last night we had some very special visitors over. Sara (mommy's friend & former boss) and her two girls Christina and Rebecca. It was LOTS of fun. We had pizza and bread sticks and Christina had made cupcakes for all of us!

Christina, Brooklyn, & Rebecca
How cute are they???
Rebecca wanted to help Brooklyn drink her juice
Sara & Brooklyn
Harley and Christina were buddies from the start!
Thanks for coming over time lets not allow over a YEAR go by before we see each other (and Sara - yes I DID have a cupcake for breakfast, did you??)


Avery said...

Brooklyn, you have the sweetest smile! :)

Kelly, where did her bib/bandana come from? I am sick of "bibs"!

Grammy said... looks like you three girls had tons of fun!


Sam and Finn said...

Looks like you ladies had a great time!!!

Rebecca said...

Super cute pictures! I'm also wondering where the bandana came from. I'm so tired of Caitlyn chewing on her shirts! I'd much rather she chewed on a would be easier to change!

Sara Y said...
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Sara Y said...

Thank you for having us over!!!! We had so much fun!!!!
Christina & Rebecca

Kelly-If you are going to have a cupcake for breakfast, you need to eat one without icing!--Christina!