Monday, April 7, 2008


This is our friend Avery. She is a super sweet little girl who we have grown to love over the past few weeks.
Unfortunately, her mommy received the "official diagnosis" of Rett Syndrome today. It brings back all of the emotions that I went through when we got "the call."
Carrie (her mommy) and I were able to talk for about an hour tonight. I hate that there is another mother experiencing the devastating diagnosis but am glad that I can be there for her and hope that I helped.
Be sure to check out her blog too!


Avery said...

Thanks Kelly and Brooklyn!
Love from Alabama-

Grammy said...

I wish there was a way for all the families on your blog to get together to celebrate our girls! Wouldn't it be nice to be able to talk and play together and share each others burdens......maybe someday. I love you guys!

cole+averysgigi said...

Kelly and Grammy, I am so glad you are here for Carrie and Avery. When I see the smiles and twinkling eyes on Brooklyn, I am heartened. Right now, Avery doesn't appera to care about much except her Mommy, Daddy and Pappy. But thru your kind comments, I know we get some of the old Avery back. Perhaps we can get together in the future--my family is from Jacksonville, Il and We still have family there. Again, THANKS so much to y'all and give Brroklyn a big kiss from us

Alisa said...

I'm so glad you can be there for Avery's mom and give her some insight. I have checked in on her and she is so sweet. That would be so neat if you could get together sometime. Brooklyn seems to have a lot of buddies so I'm sure she'd welcome her with open arms!
Happy Spring!!
The Parker's
p.s. I did love that Jack Johnson song, about angels!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you could be there for Averys mom through this very difficult time. I am sure God was shining through your talk together the whole time and she can lean on you as a friend who "truly" knows what she is going through. Your heart has touched so many Kelly through your lived experiences with Brooklyn and Rett Syndrom as I am sure you will touch lots of others in your journey with Rett Syndrome. I hope you get to meet Avery and her Mom some day to give her that special hug. Janet Peterson