Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sam friends want to hear more about this cutie pie Sam.
He is the son of my good friends Matt and Niki Leckrone. (Niki and I worked together during college, she was a bridesmaid in my wedding.) looking through my pictures, Sam is quite the romeo as you can see there have actually been TWO smooches between these two kiddos.

Sam is such a sweetie and has loved "Bwook" from the beginning.

First kiss was during a visit to Louisville at my friend Shannon's house.
Second kiss was in Cincinnati at the Strollathon last September.

I have a feeling these two will be buddies forever. Thanks Niki and Matt for being such great friends and for always being so supportive. Now....if only we lived closer!


shannon said...

The house where the first kiss took place (pictured above) is for sale in Louisville...just so you know!

Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing the love! :)