Thursday, March 13, 2008

Occupational Therapy

Kris is Brooklyn's OT. Like all of out therapist's, we adore her! The latest reason.....she has given Brooklyn the freedom and ability to color all by herself with this homemade creation. It is a pink strap that velcros around Brooklyn's wrist that has a little pocket for a crayon or small marker. So there are MANY more works of art in our future. Brooklyn will choose her color through eye gaze and then off she goes! Very cool!
Here is Brooklyn and Kris playing with her Dora "See N Say"
Here is Brooklyn gripping her "See N Say" all by herself. Yes, by herself. She is beginning to gain back some hand control.....and yes I am grinning from ear to ear while I type those words!!! She will grip the handle too - but sorry - no picture of that one.


Avery said...

Brooklyn, you are doing awesome!!! We need to make one of those for Avery! Keep up the good work! XOXO--Carrie & Avery

Grammy said...

Kelly, you need to tell your "moms" that Kris' mother-in-law made the "coloring helper". Maybe she could start a little business! Brooklyn loves to color and like every 2 1/2 year old...gets tired of a color and wants to change every couple of minutes! She tends to pick pink or purple first....such a girlie girl!


shannon said...

Brooklyn make sure mommy puts up some pics of your beautuful artwork. I'm so proud of you! Grace and Faith especially like that you choose pink and purple crayons first. You are a true princess!

Rebecca said...

Kelly, can you take a picture of the crayon holder? We are looking for something similar but our main use is going to be spoons. Caitlyn will bring a loaded spoon to her mouth, but then she throws it across the room...And it would be great for coloring! Before Caitlyn lost her hands, she loved coloring..

georgiamom said...

I LOVE to hear stories like these! So encouraging! Go Brooklyn!!