Friday, March 7, 2008

My Smith Buddies

This is such a cute picture of my Smith Buddies, I had to post it! Grace, Faith, Jonah, and Noah. Grace is our number one blog reader. Thanks Grace for always reading!!!! I think Faith might be a close second - once all the smith kids are reading, the 'hits' on our page will sky rocket!


shannon said...

Hi Brooklyn! Thanks for putting us on your blog. We love watching you in the videos. You are so cute and funny! Love, Grace and Faith (mostly Grace)

utmomof5 said...

Hi Brooklyn!
i found you blog through "I overcooked my family". I am glad I did!! I have 5 kids of my own and I must say you are one cute little girl. I will be back to read more about you and your family. I have never heard of Rett Syndrome before but know I want to learn more. Hope you are having a good day. :)