Monday, March 17, 2008

Dancing with Grammy

Grammy and I have a special Wiggles song that we dance to EVERY time it comes on. It is an Irish dance song so it is perfect that it came on today and we danced together - I love my Grammy! She is my favorite dance partner!


Alisa said...

Happy St. Pat's day Brooklyn! We have a grammy we love very much too. We have started to call her "mimi" so that may be her new name! We love that you wore green. You look SUPER cute!
Andersen and Ava

shannon said...

Happy Anniversary, Grammy and Pappy! You guys are awesome. Brooklyn and Jackson are so lucky to have you both. Brooklyn, Grammy always makes the best candy (hugely the best) and Pappy ALWAYS gives great weather updates and loves power naps ;) Hope your day was great! By the way, I love your shirt. You look just like Faith when she wore it!