Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Take ten minutes and read about Carly

I have said it here before.......communication is the key for Brooklyn!
This link was posted on RETTNET and tells the story of a gal with Autism and how she communicates with her computer. It is truly a touching story and proves to me even more the importance of giving our girls a voice! I hope you will take a moment to read about Carly, she is a wonderful 13 year old girl that can teach us ALL a little something about life.
There was also a link to print outs of her conversations with her therapists, her dad, etc. I really hope you will take a moment to read these too.
Don't get me wrong - I realize this young lady does not have Rett Syndrome but let's face it all "autism disorders" get grouped together and we can learn from each of them.
With all the disorders on "the spectrum" there is that constant struggle to communicate with our children. The saddness and frustration we have of not understanding our kids basic wants and needs. THEIR frustration of not being able to help us understand.
Carly puts it so perfectly...My mom asked me a question that no one ever asks me What do I want?
I want not to feel whats happening in my body I want to stay at home and not go to the farm I want to be like every other kid But I cant Because I am carly I cant sit for long times or even walk past an object with out having figths in my head I no I cant take that but my mind is fighting with me
I want to be able to go to a school with normal kids but not have to worry about them getting up set or scarred if I cant help myself and hit a table or scream
I want to be able to read a book by myself without having to tell my self to sit still and not close the book and follow each word and concentrate
I want to sit at a table with my mom and dad and worry about my body might do that I might not be able to control I want to be able to talk to people and have them understand me.

Don't we all just want people to understand us?

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Alisa said...

wow, that's amazing! You never know what therapy will do for children. I think the best thing is to alway just give that unconditonal love to your children & they can make breakthrough's. CNN has this in their "latest news" section on their homepage. Thanks for sharing!