Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Annual Conference

I am planning on attending the 24th annual Rett Syndrome Conference in Chicago this May!
I thought I would see what other moms are planning on attending - The internet has connected me to SO many wonderful mothers (many who have kept me going through these past 8 months since our diagnosis!) So....if you are going - please leave a comment! I can't wait to meet you all!


Rebecca said...

Chicago here I come! I plan on being there...Going all alone, but I'll be there!

Samantha said...

We're planning on going too!

Doris said...

Guys, I'm on the fence. I really need to save $$ this year, but I do have a bunk booked at the youth hostel 0.5 mile away at 25 bucks a night. Maybe I should ask Jeremy if we have some frequent flyer miles.

Beth said...

I'm trying to work on the costs and would love to go...only problem, Daddy has never spent three days alone with the girls...only half a day...don't know if he'll survive...he he
Beth...mom to angel Kelly and her twin Sabrina