Monday, January 21, 2008

These hiccups are hilarious!

Brooklyn was cracking herself up with her hiccups this afternoon. Although she also thought her cousin Jackson was pretty funny with his balloon too!


Kelly said...

What a beautiful laugh!!

Beth said...

I love the hiccups...she is so beautiful. I wish I could post a picture of Kelly but Lief says NO. Is that a beagle I saw...we used to have a beagle..Eponine...we called her Epi. The girls were only 3 months old when she had to be put down. She was 14 years old. we adopted her when she was four and had been previously abused so she never barked. I would actually get on my hands and knees trying to get her to bark.
Will you be going to the Rett Clinic in New Brunswick NJ on the 9th or 10th of February. We'll be there on the 10th..8am but we're hoping to be able to stay through lunch. Hope to see you there.