Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The New Year is starting out pretty busy!

I made the mistake of looking at our Calendar....yikes!
We start out next week on the 9th with a return visit to the ENT followed by our meeting with the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities (which was rescheduled from our Dec. appointment.) On the 17th we make our first visit to Dr. Burke in Toledo (an orthopedic doc) followed by a trip to the Vision Care Associates on the 19th to work on the eye crossing. Then, on the 24th we are set to meet with our PT and a representative from National Seating to measure Brooklyn for her wheelchair...... AND that takes us into February which brings along our Neuro follow up as well as our 1 year check up at St. Vincents with Dr. Escobar. Whew...... I am pretty sure that is it ~ assuming she stays perfectly healthy the rest of the winter season (stop laughing...... it could happen!)

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