Saturday, January 19, 2008

Help us spread the word Oprah!!

Moms in the Rett Community are encouraging Oprah to help us raise awareness for Rett Syndrome. We all know that awareness might help lead to additional research which might just lead to a cure one day! If you want to encourage Oprah to do a show on Rett Syndrome click here. My dream is that one day Brooklyn can be standing on the Oprah show saying (yes, I said SAYING) "When I was a little girl I had this devastating disease called Rett Syndrome...."


Samantha said...

Okay I did it!!

Beth said...

thanks for adding this to your blog.
I've reached out to my friends, my MOMs club and my girl friends boy scout troop.
They tell two friends...and so on and so on.....
hugs to brooklyn
Beth Breden
mom to angel Kelly and twin Sabrina

Anonymous said...


I signed up for you to be on Oprah. When you go, make sure you give them that big ole smile. You will be more famous than you already are!