Monday, January 28, 2008

IRSF launches new site!!

For those of you that have been reading our blog for awhile; you might remember me talking about the merger of 2 great Rett Syndrome Organizations. Both organizations were VERY helpful for me the first couple of months as I was "accepting" the diagnosis (and still are!)
I can only imagine how amazing they will be now that they have joined forces! They are now known as the International Rett Syndrome Foundation. They launched the new website today. Be sure to check it out! I can't wait to look it over tonight!!

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Alisa said...

the conference in Chicago looks very informative. Any thoughts about attending something like that? I'm just glad their is an organization in place so research and awareness can forge ahead!!!

Are you near Fort Wayne? did you see that I mentioned I got two pugs from New Haven? It was a three hr. drive for us. Just wondered! Hope Brooklyn is having a good day.