Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Do these pictures say "long day" or what??

Brooklyn still has one tube that is not working properly (her right ear.) Unfortunately this means a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water for a few days followed by more Cyprodex ear drops. Our appointment also went fine at the Bureau of Developmental Disabilities too. We are officially on the waiting list now. So, I think that means in about 7 to 10 years we can hope to receive some benefits from the waiver program. They are currently working with applicants from 1999 I believe she said.....WOW. We then got home in time for her DT to work with her for about 45 minutes before she fell asleep right in the middle of therapy. Bless her heart!


Sam and Finn said...

Hang in there Bwooke, we hope you are feeling better very soon!

shannon said...

What's a girl gotta do to catch a break? Get well soon Brookie B

Elijah, Adrielle, & Ezra Rhodus said...

Poor thing! Those ears of yours need to heal soon! I know how miserable that can be. We will continue to lift you up in prayer!