Friday, December 28, 2007

My new chair!

Thank you for my "new" Chair Aunt Kristin and Josh! I LOVE IT!
Brooklyn has a VERY hard time not slipping out of most seats. As you can see in the picture Brooklyn's rocking chair has been transformed! This rocking chair was actually mine when I was a little girl which makes it even more special to see her sitting in it! It was truly a "labor of love." Josh and Kristin spent MANY hours on this project (I think grammy helped out too.) I want to thank ALL OF YOU. This was such a special gift to me and to Brooklyn. I love you!


Sam and Finn said...

Wow! How neat that you have your Mommy's chair!! What a special Christmas gift!!!

Rebecca said...

That's a neat chair! She looks like she is ready to catch a ball!

Samantha said...

What a wonderful chair you have there Brooklyn! Looks very comfy!

Grammy said...

You are the same age as your mother was when she got her chair for Christmas. I hope you like it as much as she and Aunt Kristin liked theirs!


aunt Kristin said...


I hope you enjoy your new chair! Josh & I worked hard on it for you! We are both soooo glad you love it!