Tuesday, November 27, 2007


My Nana came up from Cincinnati to visit me for Thanksgiving. It was so good to see her. She said that I have gotten so big!
We read together and of course watched some Wiggles ~ Nana is trying really hard to learn the songs! She also helped mommy find a special apple juice that is supposed to help me gain weight. I will tell you all if it works! I will see you at Christmas Nana!

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kittykat said...

The cystic fibrosis group has a recipe for weight gain shakes. They taste great. They have real icecream, whole milk, 1 T. vegetable oil, and a packet of carnation instant breakfast in them. I will see if my daughter, Mindy, still has her copy.
Mindy was diagnosed at 5weeks with CF, a genetic blood disorder. She use to drink these shakes when she was in my house, LOL.