Thursday, November 22, 2007

Another Thanksgiving

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone.
I know many of you read this blog faithfully and probably don't get the feeling that I have been very thankful over this past year. I have shared lots of emotions here but thankfulness....maybe not so much.

I am thankful though; for many things!

Thankful to have a diagnosis for Brooklyn; no, it was not "great" news but it is a diagnosis. (which I will take over the unknown any day.) ~ I am thankful for my husband and family for their love and support ~ WONDERFUL therapists through the First Steps early intervention program ~ friends that care for me and encourage me (some even from hundreds of miles away) ~ for my job and a boss and co-workers that allow me to put my daughter first and help me to feel successful as a mommy and employee ~ a community that has embraced our family and are willing to help Brooklyn out with so much ~ for a God that understands my anger and is patient as I work through it ~ for the many AMAZING Rett moms and girls that I have met online and in person ~ for a nephew that can cheer me up with his smile ~ BLOGGING ~ all the wisdom and support from numerous "special needs" moms ~ The Wiggles! ~ my once a month massage that my husband insists I deserve (a BIG thank you honey!!) ~ and the best for last.....for the most incredible daughter in all the world!


Jackson said...

I am thankful for you and your mommy!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly,

I am now bawling. What a wonderful inspiration you are to all of us. I have adopted Charlie as one of my kids. Your family is so VERY SPECIAL to me. You are the most thoughtful mother I have ever met. God gave you a very special life because he knew that you were "one of a kind"!

Love to all of you,