Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Grammy!!!

We all surprised Grammy with dinner at Las Limas, she was not expecting anyone but family. We were glad that the Whites (even Erin!) and the Peterson's joined us too! It was so fun! Mommy and me at dinner
Brady helped Grammy eat her fried ice cream
Brent was holding me, daddy tried taking 4 pictures to get me smiling, no luck. I promise I LOVE Brent, it just does not look like it from the picture! That is Grammy smiling behind us.
Aunt Kristin and Jackson....isn't he cute!
I hope you had a GREAT birthday Grammy!!!


Susy said...

tell your grandma Suzi happy B-day for me!

Samson James said...

Happy birthday Grammy Suzi!

Grammy said...

I had a wonderful birthday.....and quite the surprise! It is great being back with all of you after being gone over a week! Thank you for my surprise party.