Thursday, October 4, 2007

Rett Syndrome Blogs

As I mentioned earlier this week, October is Rett Syndrome awareness month. The past few days I have visited numerous blogs of other Rett families and have read SO MANY touching posts. There are pages and pages about our "silent angels." I have cried as I read other parent's diagnosis moments and laughed at stories of all the silly things the girls do. I have also felt proud to be a part of the "Rett World" and a mom to my very special Rett girl. Proud as I read the girls being referred to as heros, warriors, and angels on earth.
Most of the blogs I visit are of parents that have been living this life longer than I have (four months is not really all that long.) I want to thank all the moms and dads that blog, that put their lives out for the world to read about. I thank you for educating thousands about Rett Syndrome and at the same time comforting and encouraging me.
For those of you who visit this blog regularly I hope that Brooklyn can touch YOUR life too. Thank you Brooklyn for being our little hero, warrior, and truly an angel on earth!


Kristin said...

What a great post...this is a great way to spread the word and educate people! We are all blessed to have Brooklyn in our lives!!

Anonymous said...

Kelly, Charlie, and espically lil' miss Brooklyn...i wish you all the best and will always be on the lookout for anything/anyway that i can do to try and help...please keep me updated when there are any more fundraisers, walks, or anything that will make lil' miss' life three are an inspiration to the rest of us and everytime that i come in the bank and ask Charlie how "Brookie" is doing, inside i am just hoping that he tells me something absolutey astounding happend and that you guys are making some huge strides or something incredible happened...i wish you all the best in life and in love, and you guys will always have the big, bald, ugly guy in your corner and i wish i could do more for you guys...take care and i'll read more later....Scott

Samson James said...

Brooklyn, you are one amazing little girl! We miss you and your Mommy and Daddy.