Sunday, September 23, 2007

Thank you!!

Words can not express what our family experienced in Cincinnati at the Rett Syndrome Strollathon this past weekend. (But I am going to try)

We ended up with 40 TEAM BUTLER members! That is TRULY amazing to me. Our little girl was diagnosed just 4 months ago this weekend and in that short of time we put together one of the largest teams there!

It shows me how LOVED Brooklyn (and our entire family) is! We had family and friends join us from Angola IN, Cleveland OH, Indianapolis IN, Louisville KY, Fort Wayne IN, Columbus OH, Lexington KY, and of course our local Cincinnati OH buddies!!

As I mentioned, this weekend marked 4 months exactly since our diagnosis of Rett Syndrome. I say "our" diagnosis because it truly is a date that changed our lives forever. I know most of you follow this blog daily and have from the beginning. It has become a journal of our life with Rett Syndrome. You have been with me through the good days and bad days. (And many days that I really have nothing to much to say at all! I do always have cute pictures of Brooklyn though!)

I want to take a moment to thank ALL OF YOU that walked for Brooklyn in Cincinnati this weekend. (TEAM BUTLER was amazing!!) You have NO IDEA what it meant to me and Charlie (and Brooklyn I'm sure!) It took everything inside me to hold it together ~ I was overwhelmed with so many emotions on Saturday. The love and support was AWESOME! I do hate that we could not spend much one on one time with each of you but I hope you ALL know how much it mean that you were there for us.....for Brooklyn.

Also, thank you to all of you who donated money to one of our many team members. The money from our team and the 19 other girl's teams raised over $250,000! That is unbelievable to me! It is that kind of support that gives me great hope for a cure!

So keep praying for all the Rett Angels out there and educating people in your lives about Rett Syndrome.....we ARE making a difference!


Anonymous said...

We had such an amazing time and I am so proud of you Kelly!!! You are an amazing mom with an amazing little girl!! Amanda

Samson James said...

We are so proud of you Brooklyn! I(And I am so glad I got to sneak another kiss!)

Anonymous said...

Brooklyn is an adorable girl and congratulations to you on your amzing effort raising money for RS research. Do you have a RS Handbook? If not, I promise it will be a valuable resource. You can order one at 1-800-818-RETT. Also, I hope you will join us at the IRSF Conference this Memorial Day in Chicago. More details on that will be announced soon, but save the date. Your help is our hope! Way to go.

Kathryn Kissam
IRSF Chairman

Melyssa said...

What a great weekend! Brooklyn, you did a great job - it was HOT out there!!! Isn't it awesome how little Brooklyn brought together so many people for such a great cause. . . I have a feeling this is just the beginning . . .