Monday, September 17, 2007

Strollahon Update (for those TEAM BUTLER members who do not read their email)

Team Butler:
The BIG day is almost here and we are ALL so excited in the Butler household. Well….Brooklyn doesn’t know what in the world she is getting herself into with all you crazy friends and family we have joining us! But we can’t wait! I have a few last minute reminders for everyone:

1.) “Show me the money” – I know you ALL have done a great job raising money for the strollathon so PLEASE remember to bring it with you! If people gave you cash make sure to get their address. (checks are great – the address is already their for us!) The cash I received; I paper clipped it and put a sticky note on it with their address, that seemed to work just fine.

2.) Registration – Everyone needs to complete the Strollathon Check In form. Bring those along with you as well (it is attached to your envelope so you should not have lost it) If you are bringing extra people with you do not panic, they will have copies of the form there for us to complete at the registration table. The more the merrier!

3.) Wardrobe - I will have everyone’s t-shirts for them there. I can’t wait to see all of “TEAM BUTLER” in their shirts!! I ordered extra in each size so if more people join us that is GREAT! (I know many of you have asked me how much they are – my mom and dad bought them for everyone so….FREE!! Consider it a thank you gift for your hard work!)

4.) Weather – I checked it and it looks good..….warm but good!
Sunny and Hi of 87 on Saturday!!!

Or we can all meet in the lobby and head over together!
Also, anyone who is not staying there can also click the above link and type in where you ARE coming from and get directions.

6.) Parking- RSRF has reserved the main parking lot for us – it should not be an issue!

7.) If you need ANYTHING: Call our cell phones!! (try mine first for the most accurate information.)

The Registration starts at 10:00 with the strollathon beginning at 11:00 at the skating rink. Since we have “team members” coming from all over the city let’s plan on being there at 10:00 to give us an hour before the walk to hand out the shirts and of course get a TEAM photo!!! Ummm…Let’s meet in front of the outdoor pavilion – there is a HUGE grassy area there. When you come through the main entrance – go straight and look for us. If you have trouble – call my cell!

You all have NO idea how much it means to me that you are joining us in Cincinnati for the Strollathon. It is weird to think that I lived in Cincinnati for almost 8 years and never even knew that the Rett Syndrome Research Foundation was located there or that Rett Syndrome even existed! Times have changed for me since then and our lives are a bit different now. However; the one thing that is the same is YOU! All of you care about Brooklyn and our family and A CURE for this disease so much that you have decided to be part of our team!!! THANK YOU!! I look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!!

Love to ALL of you,
The Butlers


Melyssa said...

I love the family picture . . . too cute! Can't wait for the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Wow! My family really pads the total....I knew all these kids would come in handy.

love ya

Grammy said...

I can't wait to see all of your mommy's and
daddy's friends this Saturday. Some I haven't seen since they were in school at CBC (or whatever it is called now, Grammy can't keep up with the changes!)
We will have so much fun!!!!!!


Elijah, Adrielle, & Ezra Rhodus said...

It all sounds good! We can't wait to meet Brooklyn! See you Saturday!

Lindsay said...

Good Luck and If I could I would come and help! I will be thinking of all of you this weekend. Go Team Butler!!!