Monday, September 10, 2007

My evening in Fort Wayne

After my neurologist appointment mommy and I went to visit some friends in Fort Wayne, the Smiths. Here is me and mommy on their super cool trampoline.

This is Jackson, me, and Tyler watching the Wiggles. They are HUGE fans too!
Kati and me (mommy and Kati were roommates in college)

The three girls...... Kati has all boys so I think she liked our "girl time!"

Me and Spencer in our PJ's after bath time (his have THE WIGGLES on them!) Our eyes are glued on the TV ~ watching our wiggly friends!
This is my version of heaven.......they have 19 Wiggles movies. Dad....I realize now we do not own ALL the Wiggles DVD's! My Christmas list just got longer!

We had so much fun hanging out with everyone tonight. We really need to get together more often! Kati....I will see you in Cincinnati at the walk! Drew, sorry we did not get any pictures with you! (Of course your three boys look JUST like you!!)


Kristin said...

Oh my gosh Brooklyn...It looks like heaven on earth for you! Don't tell Jackson about all the Wiggles movies he is missing out on. It can be our little secrect!

Melyssa said...

We are totally out of the loop with only two Wiggles videos(and one is missing?!)!!! If you are ever going to come and visit we need to stock up! Brooklyn would not be impressed if we laid out our videos - that's for sure! Glad you had fun in Fort Wayne!

Kati said...

We had such a WONDERFUL visit with you, Brooklyn!!! Thank you for coming to our house...we hope you'll come back very very soon!! Bring Daddy with you next time...we love you!!