Friday, September 28, 2007

The future in communication?

I know I mentioned all the depressing Rettnett emails. Today though I read a very interesting one that linked to an article! Here is part of it:

•Speaking your "mind."

It is quite literally mind-boggling. Twenty-four-year-old entrepreneur Michael Callahan was not visibly speaking. But you could listen to his "speech" through remarkable emerging technology called the Audeo. Using specialized sensors, Audeo translates neurological signals from the brain into speech. Callahan describes the process as a "step above thinking, and a step below speaking." The first commercial products, about a year away and likely priced around $8,000, will be developed for people with severe speech disabilities. But the technology can eventually be used for such mainstream purposes as video games. Callahan's Champaign, Ill.-based start-up is called Ambient.

Click here to view the company's website. Or just watch this video clip!!


It was presented at a Demo in SanDiego along with many other tech "gadgets." You can read the entire article here. I have to admit this sounds amazing. Hopefully more to come. I can see this having a huge impact in our Rett lives. You might see this listed on my "wish list" soon! We'll see.....


Special Needs Mama Prof said...

We have no idea what the future holds for these kids.

Doris said...

this is really amazing! it's true you never know what's going to happen in the future. i just wanted to congratulate you on your incredible team at the stroll-a-thon. ours is coming up oct 21 and i'm just starting to get our family together for it..

Casdok said...

Long m,ay progress continue!