Friday, August 31, 2007

UGH....I have no better title for this post!

I thought I would take a few minutes of my lunch to post about my recent frustration. Why do insurance companies have a "rapid response" department? Shouldn't ALL our claims be handled immediately?

Exactly how irate do I have to get with the person on the other end of the phone before they think it is a good idea to transfer me to the "rapid response" team? I guess this time me paying a unnecessary $1,000 when I did not need too (The hospital filed the claim wrong saying Brooklyn had an addiction to an illegal drug! Can you believe it?? That is quite a MISFILED claim. Then the check arriving to the company and filed wrong again (which is why I STILL have not received a refund and am now considering starting an illegal addiction myself - JUST KIDDING MOM!!!! ) justifies a transfer to that department. Hmmmm..... maybe my refund will come just in time for Christmas shopping!!!!

I do however have the ball rolling on the Medical Waiver form (which assists families with "disabled" children cover "excessive" medical costs) we will be put on the waiting list as soon as I get the paperwork from the state department, complete it and send it back - we will be immediately placed on the list. Oh yea.....the waiting list is somewhere between 3- 7 YEARS!!!!

By the way don't get me started on the joy of life now that we have an "official diagnosis" of Rett Syndrome and proving that to the "powers that be."

UGH.... I am ready for my long weekend.

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Melyssa said...

I can't even imagine the frusteration! I just got a bill from my insurance company from a very basic claim in February! Enjoy your long weekend . . .