Friday, August 3, 2007

Speech Therapy Update

I thougt you all might also be interested in reading some of Brooklyn's Speech Therapy (or I like to call it "communication therapy") update too. Diane provided this updated report for us to have for Dr. Escobar.

Clinician: Diane R. Crisman, Speech/ Language Pathologist
Brooklyn A ButlerD.O.B 5/15/05

We have been working to develop her eye gaze behavior in order to answer “Do you want. . .?” questions. She will look at a picture for 2-3 seconds when given a choice of two pictured objects that are separated by 8-10 inches in held in front of her. We have worked on a core vocabulary that’s included the words mom, dad, stroller, yogurt, drink, etc. The family, caregiver, & I feel that she exhibits this behavior for all of us.
She will also look at the picture or object that we name when asked.

Mom was able to bring two different switches that she purchased. Both switches can be used on toys or small appliances such as a fan. We are hopeful that we can find several activities that Brooklyn would enjoy & will make choices about. She seems to enjoy large visual actions, music & toys that light up. I also think that she would enjoy a movement such as a small fan.Brook will look at a toy if it produces an interesting noise or lights up. We have used many different types of cause & effect toys to try to engage her. I am hopefull that we will be able to use the switches to help Brooklyn access toys that interest her.

Mom was able to provide us with an arm brace. It has been suggested that these children are able to use one arm better if the other is restrained. We have noticed an improvement in her range of motion with the right arm. There is also much less clapping with the restraint on as well. Brooklyn seems to tolerate the restraint extremely well.

Brooklyn has been able to participate in therapy despite the new seizure medications for approximately 40-45 minutes before fatigue sets in. Sometimes she’s rather sleepy when I arrive, but she’s good about trying activities for me. We are all looking for any way possible to help her communicate, move, eat, etc. Her personality & sunny smile make every session worthwhile. Any suggestions from the neurologist, his staff & the Rett’s Syndrome clinic will be greatly appreciated.


Kelly said...

Way to go, Brooklyn!

Rebecca said...

Sounds great, we are just now realizing that eye gaze is more successful! We were hopefull that the hands wouldn't fade too much, but they did :( Those switches can be fun, but for Caitlyn at Brooke's age they were terrifying! I think the fan scared her the most, when it suddenly came on when she hit the switch. I hope Brooklyn has better luck!

Samson James said...

Good luck Brooklyn!