Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Fun at Aunt Kristin's

My sitter is in Florida this week so I get to stay with Kristin, Jackson, and Grammy ALL week! We are having SO much fun!


kristin said...

We are having a great time, I wish it wasn't raining so we could go swimmig!! Love Ya! Aunt Kristin

Grammy said...

We are going to have fun today! Since is is raining I think we will go to Aunt Kristin's room to play and work. We'll take a Wiggles DVD in case you get bored. I know they are always fun to watch. (I know you are here with us, but I thought your mommy gimht want to know what we are doing.)


Susy said...

I bet grammy & aunt kristin are enjoying spending time with you!

krebskids said...

Hi Brooklyn. I know you are having a great time with Aunt Kristin and Jackson. Will and Frances love spending time with family. We look forward to seeing you sometime soon. I know you don't remember us, it has been a long time. The Krebs Family

Hi Kelly - thanks for the comment on our blogsite.