Thursday, July 12, 2007

My friend Faith

I know that many of you reading this blog have been praying for my friend faith. Her mommy Shannon said that she is doing great! Hopefully her finger heals up perfectly, thanks to everyone for your prayers. I wanted to post this picture of her because she looks so cute with her super tough looking cast on! I love you faith!


shannon said...

thanks to all have prayed for my little "fafie." she's doing much better.

Susy said...

Hope you're feeling better Faith. I love the cast, very tough. I hope mom's healing too. Love you Shannon!

Bridget said...

Hi Charlie and Kelly!
I finally got around to reading the church newsletter and found Brooklyn's site. I'm still trying to catch-up from being in Houston for so long.
You have sure been busy! I can't believe all the Rett links you've got on here and all the great postings. It's great that you've got her Rett appointments in October. Let me know if you need help with travel and lodging arrangements.
Taylor is doing great. We should get together soon. Give me a call, we'll make it happen.
Talk to you soon,