Sunday, July 22, 2007

Home Sweet Home

We are back in Angola after a WONDERFUL time in Louisville! I was so happy to see daddy when we got home. Mommy has more pictures to publish from our road trip together but you might have to wait until tomorrow; she said something about the 4 1/2 hours of Wiggles on the way home exhausting her. I really was a very good girl the entire way home though!

I had SO MUCH fun with all my friends in Kentucky. I think mommy had a good time too she laughed, cried, and talked A LOT with her friend Shannon. They were probably old stories from college because I did not get what was so funny. She got to see Niki and Matt again too - twice in one month - that is a miracle.

I think we need to go to Louisville again....but I will plan on seeing them all on September 22nd in Cincinnati for our Rett Walk!


shannon said...

Brooklyn, we all had sooooo much fun with you and your mommy. We miss you already. Just so you know, Faith has been singing Wiggles music all day long...oh and Noah wants to know "Where's Brooklyn go?" We love you, angel face.

Samson James said...

I had lots of fun with you Saturday too! You were my first kiss! I loved meeting your friends Grace, Faith, Noah, and Jonah! And Shannon too!