Monday, July 30, 2007

3 am

No, I am not referring to Matchbox 20 lyrics here. It is my wake up call these days......Brooklyn is up faithfully at 3:00 AM each morning. Sometimes her internal alarm must be "off" because it might be 3:30. The bad thing is often times she thinks she should be up for the day which OBVIOUSLY throws everything off! If you are a "Rett mom" reading this and have any ideas for me, please comment. Any help would be appreciated!
"Sleepless in Angola"


Kristin said...

I think you need a vacation Kel....I'm up for anywhere anytime!!! Love Ya!

shannon said...

Maybe you could try the aquarium idea? If not, offer her a nice sippy cup of Chardonnay. Just kidding. I hope you start getting some rest, Kel. I'll pray for you.

Doris said...

Hi! we lived through the same thing and I just waited for her sleep cycle to change, but it's brutal because you never know when it will. you can try a few things... melatonin to fall asleep easier, but it doesn't help with the early waking. that's over the counter. you can also talk to your doctor about Clonidine which is for high-blood pressure but it's frequently prescribed to the autistic population for sleep disorders. A lot of folks say that the sleep between 2-4 years old is the worse time. Also, you can try a weighted blanket from it helps keep her still when she startles awake and helps give more sensory input to go back to sleep. Also, you can have some chloral hydrate on hand, this is habit forming, so you should only give this when you are absolutely zombied out, this will ease her into a relaxed sleep within minutes, try to get a suppository vs oral because it tastes terrible, we've always given it orally because we couldn't find a pharmacy to do the suppository. Good luck!

Elijah, Adrielle, & Ezra Rhodus said...

We will pray for some sleep in the Butler household. Hang in there Kelly! We are always here in Morrow if you need that vacation Kristin mentioned (hint..hint) I'd be glad to get up with her for a few nights :)