Thursday, June 28, 2007

Seizure Update

Charlie thought that Brooklyn had been having more seizures lately. I had not seen any so I was hesitant to up her medicine. Bad news.....Janet and Nan (Brooklyn's physical therapist) witnessed more seizures this morning. So, I have contacted her neurologist and she recommend that we up her Keppra to 2 cc's. Unfortunately, this means another few days of adjusting to the higher dose. Bummer. I think it also makes me a bad wife for not listening to Charlie. He was right....I should have listened.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry there are more seizures going on, you are not a bad wife or mom at all for not noticing, "Mommy's" want to see the good in our kids. All the seizures will be under control soon enough you'll see, God is in control here he will help us through this and all else that comes our way.

The Rhodus Kids said...

HI Brooklyn (and Kelly and Charlie too)! I'm so sorry to hear about the seizures. Hopefully the medication will be easier for her to adjust to this time. I have been praying for you all.

We are so glad you have a blog too. We will have to figure out how to put you on as our buddy :) We hope we get to meet you soon!

steve-o said...

You're doing great. You guys are loving that little girl more than humanly possible. Just hang in there. God is good.

So if you're keeping score:

Bad wife? No.

Listen more to husband? Definitely.