Sunday, May 27, 2007

We are Official ISRA members!!!

We got our membership packet in the mail this week from IRSA. It is an information filled packet. I have to admit I do not feel so alone anymore in "Rettland." The handbook that is included is great! I am only a few pages into it and I already feel much more informed. I have also already talked/emailed with a couple WONDERFUL people. (Also, Thank you Jennifer (with RSRF), your email was so encouraging!)
My mother-in-law is also able to be at the Annual Conference in Atlanta this weekend. She has called me with TONS of information already and won the 600 page handbook for being the family member in attendance with the most recent diagnosis prior to the conference - three days I think! She even put me on her cell phone with a wonderful nurse from the Blue Bird Rett Clinic out of Houston (which I had researched a bit.) She was very informative in giving me a brief "Rett 101." I can't wait for her to get home.....we will have LOTS to talk about! Thanks Margie for attending since I was unable to - I REALLY appreciate it!
For all my friends and family, I have the IRSA link listed on this blog, check it out it is FULL of information.
Well, I am going to run....Charlie and Brooklyn are dancing in the living room and I am missing out. I hear her laughter from here.


Morehart said...

God Bless you guys, You are in my prayers...You have a beautiful little girl on your hands. That is a great blessing.

Samson James said...

Brooklyn we love your blog! I can't wait to visit you this Summer!