Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I got WIGGLES tickets!

Yeah! Jackson and I are going to see the Wiggles live with our mommies and grammy in Columbus Ohio in August! Daddy is busy....or maybe just isn't quite as big of a fan as I am. I love their songs and I can't believe that I get to see them!!! I will be sure to post pictures of the big event!

Did I mention they were 5th row on the floor....HOW EXCITING!!!


Grammy said...

I can't wait to see the Wiggles with you and Jackson.....and see your faces light up with smiles! And...I can't believe I know most of the Wiggles' songs by heart! I love you! Grammy

shannon said...

Toot,Toot,Chugga,Chugga.....I'll bet you haven't been this excited to see to see five men dancing on stage since New Kids on the
Block! Hope you have fun. By the way, the blue wiggle is a hottie.