Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More PT with Miss Abby

Brooklyn had another great session with Miss Abby for PT today at Cameron Hospital. Abby is so great with Brooklyn! They do a 45 minute session every Wednesday and Brooklyn is hard at work every second!

I am sure I will have people ask about these shoes :) They are memo brand and are designed to give her feet/ankles more support. They are more like her orthodics than other shoes would be. We do find that they are much cooler that her orthodics for the summer (although she is still in her orthodics while in her standing frame inside. I am not totally sold on them.....yet. They are not a perfect fit like orthodics are - since there is no mold in the ordering process, but they are a nice change sometimes.


Anonymous said...

Brookie ... You are putting Pappy to shame with ALL the exercise and related activities you're accomplishing this summer!!

Keep up the good work AND a special thanks to everyone who is so helpful/encouraging you to reach those goals ... love, pappy

Cheffie-Mom said...

Great job Brooklyn! You are working sooo hard! And I love the new blog page!

Abbysworld said...

You are getting so stong Brooklyn! We can't wait for our PT outside of school to start. We have to wait till November. You are so so cute!